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Are you interested in a partnership with Lappeenranta Animal Welfare Association? Our partners will be added to our web site. Thus, you will get visibility as a supporter of a good cause. There are plenty of ways to support our association.  LSEY relies on donated supplies and materials to help offset the cost of sheltering dozens of animals each year. We use our most needed items every single day. The most needed items are both quality cat and kitten food as well as clumping cat litter. The cats prefer anything else than the cheapest cat foods available in the market. In addition, you may donate anthelmintics, nutritional supplements, pet carriers, cat trees, scratching posts etc. We do also need cleaning supplies and detergents (disinfectant detergents in particular, such as Desinfektol or Virkon). We do also need support with veterinary services or donations, which will help us to cover the sterilizations, castrations, vaccinations and other veterinary services. 

In case you are interested in cooperation with us, please don't hesitate to contact us 0400 183 118 (in Finnish only) or lsey.tiedottaja(at) Please let us know which kind of cooperation is adequate for you. We are very grateful for all the help! You may contact us also as an individual.