Contact Information

Eläinkoti Pesä / Animal Shelter Pesä
Soskuankatu 2
53300 Lappeenranta

We inform our e-mail addresses in the form of (at) in order to block the spam mail. Please remember to replace (at) with @ when sending e-mail to us.

Animal Shelter Pesä
tel. +358 p. 50 555 1186 or lsey.elainkotipesa(at)

Katri Irvankoski, lsey.puheenjohtaja(at)

Suvi Rautsiala, lsey.varapuheenjohtaja(at)

Satu Huurtomaa, lsey.sihteeri(at)

Membership Secretary
Saara Joronen, lsey.jasensihteeri(at)
(Membership issues, change of address etc.)

Communications Managers
Tanja Heikkilä, Janina Pohju & Suvi Rautsiala, lsey.lseyinfo(at)
(Public relations)

Pet Cemetery Manager
Tiina Tilli

Anne-Mari Huurtomaa-Altarriba, lsey.rahastonhoitaja(at)
Mailing address: 
Lappeenrannan Seudun Eläinsuojeluyhdistys r.y.
c/o Anne-Mari Huurtomaa-Altarriba
Tilitoimisto Huurtomaa
Valtakatu 36 A 2
53100 Lappeenranta

Suvi Rautsiala, lsey.webmaster(at)

Other contact information: Toiminta/Yhdistys/Hallitus ja toimihenkilot 2016-2017

Please note that the mailing address is intended only for materials that needs to be sent by mail, such as letters. .

Supply donations are taken in at Trimpet, Standertskjöldinkatu 1, Lappeenranta, Finland, located in the same premises as vet clinic Loime.